WHAT IS AXE THROWING? 2018-09-22T21:57:54+00:00

Axe Throwing is a unique and exciting activity that was brought into existence just over a decade ago in the backwoods of Ontario, Canada. Since then, it has exploded into a sport that is making waves on the international stage. Yes, you read that correctly, Axe Throwing is an international sport! How does one become a professional Axe Thrower? Well there are few ways to break into this sport!  Whether you just want to be a casual thrower, a serious professional, or you have a group of friends looking for a fun night out; our LA AX coaches will give you the knowledge you need to become a professional in your own right! 

Learn to be a Pro through our Group Bookings!

Here at LA AX we can accommodate groups as small as 2 people and as large as 325! 

Groups of 1-5 can partake in private, hour-long sessions. During a private 1-hour our coaches will spend a few minutes with each thrower in the group, training them on art of hitting the Bullseye. After the training portion, our coaches will run the group through a series of games, eventually crowning an Axe Champion of your party! 

Have more then 5 people who want to throw? 

No problem! LA AX is able to accommodate large size groups. Whether you’re coming for a Bachelor Party, Bachelorette, Birthday, Corporate event, Team Building outing, Divorce party, or just to prove to your friends you’re the best Axe Thrower of them all, we will run a seamless event from start to finish. 

The beginning of your 6+ person party always starts with safety and technique training. Don’t worry, our Axepert coaches will have you hitting Bullseyes in no time!

After everyone has been trained and briefed on safety, our coaches will run a Round-Robin tournament, eventually crowning a champion who can brag about being the most prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse!