When Are Walk-Ins?

Monday-Wednesday: 6pm-10pm

Thursday-Friday: 6pm-11pm

Saturday: 2pm-11pm

Sunday: 2pm-9pm

How Much Do Walk-Ins Cost?

Walk-In costs $25 per person, per hour.

What To Expect

Walk-Ins are open to the public on a first come, first serve basis. They take place in a shared throwing space where you will be rotated in with other guests. You cannot reserve a private area for a Walk-In session so we cannot guarantee that your group will be the only people in the lanes.

Closed-toe shoes are mandatory for participation.

Are There Coaches?

For Walk-ins we have coaches on site to offer tips and teach the proper safety techniques involved. There are score sheets available for guests to track and play mini games if interested.

Is There A Waitlist To Throw?

When at maximum Walk-In capacity we create a waitlist. This ensures that everyone will be able to get as much throwing time as possible during their Walk-In visit. Please arrive at least 1 hour before Walk-Ins end to guarantee yourself the chance to throw.

How Large Can My Walk-In Group Be?

Walk-Ins do not require a reservation, so we only recommend it to groups of 4 or fewer to ensure that your entire group gets to throw together. If you show up with a large group there’s a possibility of being split up. You may be cycled in to the Walk-In throwing experience at different times based on available space.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Private Event?

If you decide on booking a Private Event, for 6 or more people, the group is guaranteed an exclusive throwing area for 2 hours. This includes a dedicated coach during your reservation time. Our coaches will personally teach everyone how to throw, as well as run full-length tournament style matches crowning a champion of the group! Please note that Private 1 Hour Events for a group of 2-5 people are also available and can only be made over the phone or via email.